I started as an artist studying drawing, painting, and printmaking. I volunteered my time at the UND’s North Dakota Museum of Art,  and later worked at Iowa State’s Brunnier Art Museum. 

My career in Graphic Design began in 2002 when I was working at a direct mail marketing firm, creating two page mailers for real estate agents that included a bio and COB-ed photo. I was often having to work with tiny jpegs from websites or snap shots taken at a Christmas party. Under deadline, I had to do everything from recreating body parts to adding and removing people from group pictures. This is where 
I built my Photoshop muscles, and fell in love with graphic design.

I began taking classes from the Kansas City Art Institute, and became proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite. I continue to take classes when I can. Photoshop is still my favorite and I’m always looking for new tricks or tips that create an amazing effect or simply make me more efficient.

In 2008 I began working with a small design firm that has a contract with the NCAA. As the lead designer, I have now created posters and prints for March Madness and College World Series, national champions and student athletes. 

In January of 2014 I started working with Hallmark. Creating something that I love is one thing. Creating something that the client loves, that follows guideline standards, that licensing approves, that store buyers are willing to take a chance on AND that customers will then purchase has been a wonderful eye opening experience. 

I love my work and enjoy each new project as I get it. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio and don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of service to you.